About Agile Banking

Our mission is to transform banks and credit unions into high-performing, digital businesses by providing the vision, talent, and technology to reengineer all aspects of customer-facing and back-office processes.

We offer solutions including process analysis and redesign; data analytics and process dashboard integration; business records and document management, imaging, and workflow; as well as staff augmentation and consulting for system administration, configuration, and programming.

We’re defined not just by organizational values of creativity, persistence, and commitment to exceeding client expectations, but by our team’s banking industry knowledge and demonstrated track record of success.

Our consultants, engineers, and developers have solved critical process, document, and data problems that are all too common in financial institutions of all sizes.

Integration of core and ancillary systems is one of the keys to high performing processes and Agile Banking provides stable and supportable solutions.

Proven proficiency with industry-leading content, data, and workflow management software—combined with decades of banking experience working with banks and credit unions of all sizes—allows us to equip you to be more efficient and adaptable … In a word, agile!