Document imaging projects fail for two main reasons: underestimating the level of effort and its impact on work activities, and image-enabled processes being designed based on paper-based experiences. Agile Banking’s Bank-in-a-Box addresses the epidemic of flawed processes and unsuccessful electronic content management (ECM) by making customer-and member-centric information easy to find, and relationships easy to visualize. Shared drives and physical records are made obsolete with new processes that streamline ECM operations for maximum efficiency.
One advantage of Bank-in-a-Box is its adaptability to existing tools with which you and your team are already comfortable, such as Microsoft Office™ applications and Internet browsers. You can leverage distributed multi-function devices as needed to keep your electronic content electronic, even as more and more of your activities are transitioned from analog and hand-written to a digital format. “Wet” signatures are still an option when required, but Bank-in-a-Box’s default electronic acknowledgements speed up your operations when their use is sufficient and acceptable.
Safely and effectively managing your bank’s business records is vital to its success, and with Bank-in-a-Box you can know precisely who’s accessing them via role-based access control for internal and external stakeholders. The solution integrates with your Active Directory, and can automate record retention and destruction with a pre-defined, nationally accepted record retention schedule to ensure that you can always find the items you need, without having to deal with those you no longer do.
A significant aspect of information management is identifying and then tracking those documents that are deemed most important. Agile Banking’s solution allows you to set and monitor required documents, as well as automatically keep tabs on those that are either missing, expired, or both. You and your team need not deal with the hassle of manually trying to store and locate key documentation, as it’s readily identifiable and accessible to everyone who needs it.
The familiar adage “Work smarter, not harder” is as applicable to banking as any other industry, and Bank-in-a-Box makes it a reality by tracking the status of all work, and reducing the number of handoffs, verifications, checklists, and reconciliations needed by your team. Redundant data entry is no longer a factor, because our solution automatically maintains records of what has been recorded, when, and by whom for convenient and reliable reference.
What you and your team do with your bank’s data is just as important as how it’s recorded, stored, and monitored. Agile Banking’s solution unlocks the nearly unlimited potential of your data to inform sound decision-making, by providing instant, real-time analysis and visualization. It intuitively reveals trends, and reduces manual report creation by telling the story of your current operations with more pictures and in less time than having to manually process stacks of number-riddled paperwork.
Agile’s turnkey scanning will image all loan file documents and other filing cabinets with file preparation limited to removing staples and paperclips. Documents are automatically identified into specific categories based on your archive requirements or better. 100% scanning with 100% consistency.